6 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQ+

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4 min readMay 6, 2022


Ryan Sandlin — Editor

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With Pride Month approaching quickly, Quiet Magazine is looking to celebrate the voices of those who are part of the LGBTQ+ Community. While many voices stay unrecognized, it is undeniable that every member of this community has experienced hardship beyond comparison. Today, we look at celebrities you may not know were LGBTQ.

Tim Cook

How many of our readers are on an Apple product right now? More than likely, most. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer at Apple Inc. stated to press in 2014:

“I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me”

Gifted with overwhelming support, Cook is now an avid pride supporter, speaking out against discrimination and taking part in several pride events throughout the year.

Clive Davis

The man known for helping boost the stardom of Whitney Houston, Clive Davis is no stranger to the spotlight. However, he shocked fans when in 2013, after divorcing a woman, released his autobiography called The Soundtrack Of My Life, detailing his life as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. In his book he states:

“The adage that you’re either gay or straight or you’re lying, well, that’s not true. Bisexuality does exist. After my second marriage failed… I said, ‘You know, could I have a relationship with a man”

Damn right, Clive, damn right.

Lady Gaga

We’re your biggest fans, we’ll follow you until you love us! Lady Gaga, captivating audiences and enraging parents for the past 20 years confirmed that she herself is a member of the community when stating:

“It’s not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women… This is who I am and who I have always been.”

Megastardom could easily scare one off from being true to oneself, so here at QM, we thank you Lady Gaga.

Aubrey Plaza

Perhaps lesser known than some of the others, Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation confirms that she is bisexual. Her role in the notorious TV show suggests no other either, given that she was in a hetero-atypical polygamist relationship with a bisexual man and gay man. She states that:

“Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too,”

Yaassss queen, keep rocking it.

Wanda Sykes

Looking back at Wanda Sykes time on the hit show Blackish, it comes as a surprise that she is part of the LGBTQ community. Sykes, having played a role as the boss in a very controversial environment, did speak often speak down on homosexual activity on the TV show. However she herself confirms that she is bisexual and that she feels empowered being a woman, being black, and being bisexual.

Bella Thorne

Popular amongst Only Fans based Reddit forums, Bella Thorne has been receiving backlash from creating content where other females are present. In response to this, the mid- 2000s star responded that she is pansexual and posted images of herself kissing a girl. While others may be outraged, we at QM are so proud of you.

In these coming months, expect change. Expect challenges. Expect difficulty. However we encourage you to stand up for who you are. Share your stories with us by emailing: editor@quietmagazine.org



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