10 Things That We Do That Show We Are Nervous

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2 min readMay 5, 2022

Fanaa Kaur Sidhu

Are you a person who hates getting attention and when you receive it you start to panic? Public speaking, social work, and other neuro typically uncomfortable scenarios create stress, releasing chemicals from our amygdala, the stress center in the brain. These signs usually display themselves as worry, fright, and fear, or in other words, nervousness.

What causes Nervousness?

The body’s stress levels along with a series of hormones help you prepare for threats. The blood pressure increases, chemicals are released, and your heartbeat speeds up almost instantly. These specific processes can result in the feeling of nervousness

Signs That Show You Are Nervous

Body language is a very important aspect of public engagement. A positive body language is a type of non-verbal communication that allows you to put people in their comfort zone, whereas a negative body language has the complete opposite effect.

The making of small movements especially of the hands or the feet refers to fidgeting. This is the most common sign of nervousness.

Maintaining eye contact requires confidence. When we are nervous you lack confidence, we tend to avoid eye contact.

Whenever we have to make a big decision, or simply are overthinking you tend to pace back and forth. This is portrayed as fear by viewers.

This is similar to pacing. You might have seen someone move backward or side to side, usually while having a conversation or during public speaking.

Nail biting. Ugh– It is the most common sign of nervousness, and it is quite unhealthy.

Voice also indicates whether a person is feeling nervous or not. Sometimes a person’s voice may quiver a lot or shake and they might speak very fast.

Sweating is also a sign of nervousness. Usually, it’s the sweating of hands or feet that tells us if someone is nervous.

You might have noticed when you are stressed, your breathing becomes fast, or in some cases, you struggle to breathe. Another sign of nervousness.

Last but not least, rubbing our hands together is a telltale sign that people do when they are nervous.

Feeling nervous is a very common feeling, and any average human feels it every once in a while.